We Buy Houses in Colorado Springs and Fountain and we do it on your terms! Are You In Need Of A Fast House Sale But Don’t Know Where To Turn Or Who To Trenter your email to get the list of propertiesust?

December 30, 2017


Recent House We Purchased From Owners Who Inherited A Property And Needed To Sell Fast- We Gave Them A Fair Cash Offer And Then Didnt Even Have To Come To Colorado Springs To Sell.

Selling your house the traditional way doesnt really always work for EVERYONE. What happens if you live out of state and you inherit a property from a relative? What about if you planned on staying in the house for years to come but due to a job transfer you can no longer stay and need to sell fast? There are a number of different scenarios that cant prompt someone to need to sell fast! Since We Buy Houses here in Colorado Springs and Fountain we can give you the easy-stress free sale that you need

When looking at options of selling your house here are some of the benefits we can offer you when considering selling to us:

  • Since We Buy Houses In Colorado Springs and we do this for a lliving we can pay cash for your property! We do not need to wait for bank approvals, inspectors, or appraisers. We have our own cash and we can give you a closing time frame in as little as 5-7 days!
  • We will be buying your property AS IS. Meaning we dont expect you to make any repairs to the property or frankly even clean up for us. We buy houses in any and all conditions good and bad. Feel free to take anything that means anything to you and your valuables of course. But dont mind leaving things you no longer want either.
  • We know that sometimes a fast sale isnt’t always the most ideal option for some sellers. For example if you live in the home. Wouldnt it be nice to know your house is sold but have the freedom to leave at your own leisure? We can give that to you! We let you choose the closing date! We will be ready when you are

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