Is There a Best Time to Sell a House In Colorado Springs And Fountain? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Is There a Best Time to Sell a House? Here’s What You Need to Know!

You’re keen on selling your home. But should you sell now or postpone it for later? Here’s the real deal on the best time to sell a house.

Have you been debating whether or not to sell your house? Or maybe you are absolutely positive that you want to sell it, but don’t know whether to start the process now or wait a few months.

What’s the best time to sell a house?

There are many factors that influence the answer to this question. Let’s look at each one in turn.

What Is the Best Time to Sell a House?

It can be difficult to know whether it’s a seller’s or a buyer’s market, not just nationwide, but in your specific geographical market. Of course, if you need to sell a house quickly, you can’t afford to ride out national trends.

Houses Sell in Spring

Can you afford to wait until next spring to sell your home? If so, listing your house in early May will probably net you the most money. According to the real estate experts at Zillow, the first two weeks in that month will also minimize the time your house sits on the market.

In fact, houses that go on the market between May 1st-15th are liable to be sold two weeks faster than average. Not only that, but they will command a selling price some $2,400 higher than comparable homes sold at different times of the year.

What About Times of the Week?

It turns out that some days of the week are more suitable for listing properties, too. In every large housing market in the U.S. save one, the best day to list is either Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. (Boston is the lone exception to that rule; homeowners who live there will want to list on Wednesdays.)

Why the weekend? It makes sense — most people have more time to house-hunt on the weekends, so they are more likely to check listings on a Saturday or Sunday. And the more interest your listing generates in the first week or so, the better.Â

So, if it works out with your schedule, plan to list your home on one of the first weekends in May!

Exceptions to Every Rule

Naturally, this advice won’t work for anyone who is in a hurry to sell their home. Financial difficulties, a new job in another city, or even inheriting a house that you don’t intend to keep can all make it necessary to sell ASAP.Â

You can certainly still list your property at the end of the week or over the weekend, though. And there are lots of other tips and tricks you can employ to help your home sell fast — staging, using social media, shooting a video walkthrough, and choosing the right real estate agent.

Wrapping Up

There’s another option that is ideal for anyone who cannot wait until the best time to sell a house, but who must sell quickly. Sell your house as is, for cash! I Buy Pueblo Houses! is a great solution to the problems of harried homeowners.

It’s a quick, painless process, and one that will help you reap the best possible price. Contact us for more information, or to get started selling your house today!

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