Do You Have a Damaged House In Colorado Springs? Here’s How You Can Still Sell It

Do You Have a Damaged House In Colorado Springs? Here’s How You Can Still Sell It!

5.67 million homes are expected to sell in 2019. Will yours be one of them?

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Do you have a traditional sale? Or has misfortune left you with a water damaged house? Fire damaged house? A house damaged by tenants? Did you inherit a house that is in need of major repairs?

Are you in this predicament? Are you wondering how to sell a house like this?

When you have a damaged house for sale, you can’t expect to make a big profit but you can maximize your return.

So, no need to worry. You can still make a sale without losing out. Here’s how to sell your damaged house.

How to Sell a Damaged House

What should your plan of action be to get the most from your damaged house sale?

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

Start with outside. If your home and sidewalk need a good power washing, do it. Remove weeds and tidy up flower beds. Plant new flowers, if necessary. Curb appeal means a lot!

Make sure the inside of the home sparkles as well. A clean home will sell faster even when there are some damaged areas. Get rid of clutter.

A clean, well-appointed home will show the home’s potential even if the buyer has to deal with a few repairs after the sale.

2. Give it a Coat of Paint

Paint your home with fresh, neutral colors. Painting is an inexpensive and fairly easy way to make your home look neat and clean.

The neutral colors will attract more potential buyers because they’ll be able to picture their belongings in the home.

3. Don’t Try to Conceal Anything

Be upfront and honest. Any obvious damage will be noticed. Don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. Make sure to point out the positives over the negatives.

If a potential buyer discovers that you’re trying to hide something, trust will be broken.

4. Know How to Market Your Damaged Home

There are people out there who actually look for damaged homes or fixer-uppers.

  • those looking for bargains
  • home flippers
  • real estate developers
  • property managers/ landlords

Maybe your home is in a great location with top schools or other amenities. If people are dying to get their hands on a home in your neighborhood, damage or no damage, you won’t have a problem selling it.

Your home’s value, in this case, comes from the location. You should still do all you can to get top dollar when selling.

5. Fix the Things That Will Give You the Most Return on Your Investment

Look around and decide which repairs are worth the cost of fixing them. Consult a realtor prior to choosing which damages you’ll tackle.

A realtor will be able to tell you which repairs make sense and are financially smart.

Sell a Damaged House and Get Rid of Your Headaches

Maybe you got in over your head or the universe dealt you a bad hand. Either way, if you want to get out from under your damaged house, visit us to see what we can do for you.

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